AromaGo - sleek black
AromaGo - sleek black
AromaGo - sleek black

AromaGo - sleek black

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Travel diffuser.

AromaGo is your ultimate on the go diffuser. 
- rechargeable battery means you can use it remotely on the beach, camping, anywhere!

- USB plug perfect for car use and office.

- small sleep and beautiful design

- intelligent soft touch screen

- intermittent settings

- No water; No spill! Use safely at office desk, no carrying water to the car to reuse, simply create a range of blends and insert the bottle. the no water technology also means that the scent does not fade - strong aroma is smelt constantly! Very very conservative of essential oil use, you will be blown away by the scent that comes out and the conservation of your precious oils.

come with three free bottles for blend creating and recipe card!

- 100% BPA free 

- auto turn off after 2hrs

- incredible quality and design

- Built-in 2200 mA lithium-ion battery, portable for many occasions and spaces

- Detachable nozzle, easy to clean and change different essential oils
- Three intermittent mode (15s on-165s off; 30s on-150s off; 60s on-120s off)