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So let me breakdown why we love the aromatouch pro kit....

It has BALANCE which is such a daily must have for the feelings of overwhelm, stress and general calm, from the ‘I can’t do this’ to the ‘how am I going to get through today’ to the ‘this is all too much’ feels... balance is going to bring you back down to earth and make everything feel that but more ok.

AROMATOUCH blend saved my feet & the swelling & aches so much during pregnancy, also how great it is as a daily energy perk in the early days - it contains oils that are great for adrenal fatigue and hence lasting energy.

We couldn’t go without ICE BLUE for all of the pregnancy back pain, and then on to the lower back & neck pain from late night breastfeeding and endless rocking.

The multitude of uses for LAVENDER & TEATREE from DIY baby wipes, organic baby body wash, nappy rash, teething, calming, sleep, ear pain.. pregnancy sleep probs.. so many uses for these two!

Both of us used ON GUARD the germ killing blend in the diffuser both in hospital and in the first few weeks whenever we had visitors coming, on guard will then go on to become your most valued blend as a mama, keeping the lurgy away from your kiddies as they start daycare or school.

WILD ORANGE & PEPPERMINT, the happy feel energising duo that help you get through the arvo shift until bedtime. 3 drops each in the diffuser will be a refreshing pickup, exactly what you need! Peppermint will also be so usedful when weaning to help with engorgement.
Wild orange is also known as ‘joy bubbles’ and will be so nice as a uplifter when felling low, or down emotionally when applied to the wrist pulse points.

It even comes with fractionated coconut oil, the most effective carrier oil that makes topical application safe for your littles, it’s also an ingredient in the DIY baby wipes, body wash and personalised roller blends (all of which you get recipes for!!)

There it is, a wonderful mix of practical, emotional, and DIY oils that will be well utilised in any home, discounted below wholesale price and giving you membership to the ‘blissful life club’, which means you have a lifetime of support & resources galore - including our incredible new app!