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Your spring body reset bundle!

THIS BUNDLE COMES WITH A FREE ‘SPRING BODY RESET’ GUIDE, full of info on the supplements, cleansing protocols, recipes and ideas!

the reset bundle includes..

1) LLV (lifelong vitality) is a MUST! it has a 30 day money back guarantee also, so if you commit to taking it twice a day for 30 days, and follow doterras general wellness guidelines (which is the complete basis of our reset - clean food, adequate water, exercise, rest etc), and you dont feel the benefits listed in the LLV catalogue, you get your money back!! woop!!

2) Lemon oil - great detoxifyer of the liver and alkalises the body. this is used in a warm water each morning.

3) zendocrine - our detox blend! we make this ina roller and roll over our abdomen each day to support detoxification!

4) smart n sassy blend - all of the sugar cravings! and supporting metabolism.

5) grapefruit - another great one for the water, great on a dry body brush, grapefruit oil is high in the antioxidant GLUTATHIONE which is a powerful antioxidant that aids in cell repair and protection of vital organs like liver, kidney, brain and the skin.

6) past tense - for the possible headaches, and to relieve tension in the first few days.

7) digestzen, to help with bloating or gas, also great after coffee enema (if chosen to do)


all of these products are perfect for triggering your body, your eating habits and your lifestyle Int’l a healthier frame.

you also receive access to the BLISSFUL LIFE CLUB and all of our resources!

when purchasing this bundle, you are also agreeing to become a wholesale member with doterra, which means you access your very own account with 25% off all of their products to use whenever you wish!!


 **please please note, this is a self motivated body reset, with yummy recipes and further cleansing practices and ideas shared, common sense required. no meal plans, eating plans, shopping lists etc provided.