Stress & sleep wellness box

Stress & sleep wellness box

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Satisfy your craving for a restful night's sleep!

The Stress Sleep wellness box contains..

Lavender Peace - the IT sleep blend! Perfect for the diffuser or added Indo a relaxing bath or massage!

Peach Touch - prediluted and ready to use, apply to wrist pulse points or in hands and inhale throughout the day when feeling stressed, worried or anxious.

Balance - a must have grounding blend! Diffuse or use topically to keep the becalm daily! Helps relieve overwhelm, stress and anxious feelings allowing your to feel grounded and chill.

cedarwood - a great sleep alternative for the non-lavender lover! Diffuse of an evening with vet over!

Vetiver - known as liquid xanex this is your heaviest sleep oil! Apply to the big toe before going to bed and also diffuser to get into a deep zzzzz land

Fractionated Coconut Oil - a necessary addition for blending, massage and skin application.


so you can drift off in peace! All of these oils are perfect for reducing daily stress and anxiousness as well as promoting a great restful sleep!